Top 5 collaborative project-management platforms is a collaborative platform that supports and promotes accountability and engagement in remote teams.

It’s got a really clean interface, with simple information presented in a user-friendly way. It integrates with all the main information systems such as CRMs, ERPs, analytics platforms, etc. so that all team members can access their relevant system data which means it’s so much easier to share.

All team members can see their goals, KPIs, projects, and who owns what which then means individual team members become more accountable with increased visibility for their team data, current tasks, and status updates. Communication becomes much more streamlined and therefore it’s easier to collaborate as well as share status updates.

Add-on apps are available to build a more bespoke offering that can help automate workflows to create more efficient processes and fulfill unmet needs.

With improved coordination, virtual teams can identify redundant processes and overlapping initiatives that waste time and resources. They can also easily manage joint projects that fulfill mutual goals.