The Zero Water proves itself an asset to remote workers

Proper hydration is key to personal health, an important part of employee well-being and known to help maintain concentration throughout the working day.

Employees who work remotely can miss out on employer-provided high-quality water, resorting to water from their homes to keep hydrated. The quality of domestic water can be a lottery depending on whether you live in a city or by the country or coast and it is, by no means purified water free of impurities and solids.

The Zero Water filter claims to give you the purest tasting water up to 99% free of contaminant metals lead, mercury and copper and inorganic impurities such as nitrates, nitrates and chlorine.

The team at Remote Revolution road-tested the Zero Water (12 cup 2.8L) and we’re happy to give it the thumbs up. There’s lots of scientific jargon on the packaging but the difference between this and other water filters purports to be their 5-stage filtration system versus the 2-stage system used by others.

For those of you who like tech and to see some visible results to back up their claims, the Zero Water comes with its own Water Quality Meter so you can do a before and after test. Use it to test your tap water first and then after it’s been through the Zero Water filtration system – after filtration, the meter should, yes you’ve guessed it, show zero.

We tested our domestic water straight out of our West London tap and it gave a reading of 305! This is classed by Zero Water as “exceptionally high” in contaminant levels – that’s London for you. We did the same test after filtering the same tap water and true to their claim, the reading was 0 – defined as purified water. We haven’t had it long enough to comment on how long the filter lasts but they do advise that filters will need changing more often if contaminant levels are high, so London levels will need the filter changing more regularly than if your readings are around 50, classed as “moderate” in contaminant levels.

To keep you in tip-top health, it’s recommended you drink a few litres each day so taste is actually important, so we did a blind test and the filtered water was much more palatable – important when you need to chug down a fair bit during the day.

And there’s a nice design touch too – the bottom of the pitcher comes with a tap that allows you to have it on a shelf and dispense water either directly into a glass or to fill up a water bottle, without moving the Zero Water (so great for kids to use too) – for those willing to admit they are familiar with a wine box will know what we mean…

So we say cheers to the Zero Water!

We tested the Zerowater 12-Cup Filter £39.99 from