Reward your staff with fresh coffee delivered to their door

Almost 50% of the UK workforce are working from home. And remote working means less office perks, like decent coffee paid for by the boss, right? Wrong.  Maverick’s new workplace coffee scheme has launched meaning any UK business can now offer their employees fresh coffee delivered right to their door.

This new innovative scheme enables employers to offer their employees the same perks and benefits they would have had in an office environment, simply adapting it to the ‘new norm’ of home-working.


1. The employer chooses the best package to suit the size of their business and pays upfront for a set number of bags of coffee (think of it like a tab).

2. The whole team receives their instructions on how the scheme works and can order coffee as and when they need it, directly from our website. With nothing to pay!

3. The home workers await their freshly roasted coffee which will be delivered to their door within days. When they run out, they simply order another bag.

What are the benefits of using this scheme?
– 10% discount off RRP
– It’s a fantastic office perk for staff
– Employees feel appreciated
– The team get freshly roasted ‘proper’ coffee
– Caffeine is proven to increase productivity
– No tie-ins or contracts
– Free UK delivery
– A report at the end of each period so the company can see how popular the scheme has been and who has used it.

**COMING SOON**  They are adding a range of luxury tea to our offering so this scheme will appeal to both coffee and tea drinkers.