Remote Hub Solutions: Making technology work for YOU!

2020 has brought many new challenges, especially to small businesses. Working remotely has come to the forefront which has provided opportunities and led to a change in a lot of people’s way of working.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of online business applications which assist with ensuring remote working can be done very effectively. However the choice of applications and tools, and the wide array of functionality can be very overwhelming.

A new company, Remote Hub Solutions provides assistance with choosing the correct tools for businesses and entrepreneurs. By using information provided, they can propose what type of tools will make the business more efficient, and be able to recommend the best online applications to start using. They have a unique approach in focusing on using technology to improve small businesses and really tailoring the recommendations for each business owner.

Founder Emily Hatton says:

“the constant updates in technology are there to make working remotely much easier, and implementing business applications for small businesses and entrepreneurs really is a game changer for the way people can run their businesses.”

Entrepreneurs and small businesses spend a lot of time on admin tasks which take away their focus from being able to concentrate on the areas of their business which require attention. This survey highlights the struggles business owners have managing their time, where respondents said they were wasting most time with email and administrative tasks. Remote Hub Solutions recommend a tailored approach to improve current practices by implementing online applications, which will save time and lead to cost reductions.

Remote working is here to stay – so embrace it and make it work for YOU!