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Remote Working – More Than A Fad?
The pandemic has undeniably changed the way in which businesses operate, we have all had to adapt and overcome challenges never considered before. Some businesses had to make core changes to their business model just to carry on trading during the lockdown periods. Due to these changes, Remote Working is one of the hottest topics within business across the globe right now.

In October we saw ‘The Great Resignation’ where hundreds of thousands of workers handed in their notice to their existing jobs, with no signs of looking back. As a result, there are currently a record high number of jobs available. Alongside this, is the fact that there are also currently, a record number of unemployed people within the UK.

However, this is not as great of an opportunity as it seems. Since the lockdown, workers have completely changed the way they want to work. They want time to their hobbies, they want time to redecorate the house, to sort out the garden and have quality time to spend with their loved ones. Many people no longer want to commute to work, they have enjoyed working from home and having extra time in the day.

Not only this but, many employers that incorporated remote/hybrid working during the lockdown, having also noted uptakes in productivity and a reduction in staff absenteeism. So is it time for you to consider a remote/hybrid working strategy? What would happen to your business if we go into another lockdown? Are you prepared for this shift towards remote/ hybrid working? In a survey conducted by RADA Business, almost 50% of UK workers currently want to work remotely on a full-time basis and 80% would like to see at least a hybrid approach being instilled by the employers. Is Remote Working going to be just another fad, we think not?


So what needs to be considered when rolling out remote/hybrid working within your workplace? With over 250+ Exhibitors, 16 Keynotes, 130 Speakers, 4 Workshops and a speed networking area, The Business Revival Series is the place to find all of your remote working answers!

The series consists of 3 shows under one roof –

  • The Business Revival Conference (generalised business services that any business will need to consider).
  • The Remote Working Expo (all things remote/hybrid working – products & services).
  • The Corporate Wellbeing Expo (mental/physical wellbeing at work, personnel & development, employee benefits, etc).

The Business Revival Series is taking place at Excel, London on March 9th & 10th 2022. As well as all the products and services on offer there is great educational merit to the show with its speakers and masterclasses. So whether you want to find new products and services or gain more knowledge on the above subjects, this is an event to put in your diary. Especially when the tickets are FREE!