Redefining the Workspace with Rizr

Calling all digital nomads – Ma Na has launched Rizr, an innovative portable standing desk and laptop case in one. Launching on Kickstarter, Rizr seems to be the perfect solution as workspaces continue to change – helping to alleviate back pain, neck pain and wrist aching. Remote working is now a reality, making the sofa, bed and the dining table the office. None of these spaces is ergonomically designed for a productive workday. This rise in non-traditional workspaces and travel can take a toll on the body, productivity, and energy; which is what Rizr portable sit-stand desk is designed to address.

Rizr’s founders are no strangers to these issues. After experiencing frequent neck pain and using failing hacks to attempt an active sit-stand work style, they developed a product for a gap in the portable office category.

Research has shown that alternating from sitting to standing not only increases productivity and energy but also improves overall health. Rizr’s portable design makes this transition to a standing desk not only possible but comfortable, and aims to help individuals move away from that sedentary lifestyle to improve overall health.

Rizr helps back pain, neck hunches and wrist discomfort and Rizr’s easy-up and down design brings comfort to any workspace, in any location. This unique all-in-one mobile workspace features 12 adjustable heights, up to 28cm height range, is made from lightweight aluminium that fits in any standard 16“ laptop bag,  8-degree tilt for wrist comfort and screen adjustment, A non-slip grip to keep your laptop in place while working and a Laptop sleeve for protection during travel.