How to Boost your Self Discipline while working from home

Without the accountability of being in the office,  it’s easy to find time slips away and priorities shift. Up to 95% of our decisions and actions are completed on autopilot. The remaining 5% require conscious choices and self-discipline.

As remote workers, we are often wholly responsible for our own day to day self-management. Without routine or directed activity, we are required to make many more conscious choices about what to do with our time and effort. We have a limited daily budget of self-control. Depending on the stresses and strains
of remote working and juggling work-life vs home-life priorities, that limited resource of self-control may be thinly stretched.

So we have the unhappy combination of needing more self-discipline to self-manage whilst having less structure and routine and therefore less self-discipline to spare. The solution is to rely less on self-discipline and instead increase Motivation.

To boost MOTIVATION we need to:

Reconnect with our REASONS for doing something

Get a blank sheet and write out your answers – be specific:

1. WHY do I want to do this?
2. What’s getting in the way?
3. What can I do to overcome these barriers?
4. What actions can I take to get going?

Tips to reconnect with your WHYs:

1. Towards Pleasure” eg I want to feel in control and know I’m doing a good job
2. Away from Pain” – if I don’t exercise I will lose my fitness levels, put on
weight, negatively impact my mood and my confidence
3. Internal – because I want to do it for myself – generating lasting motivation
4. External – because someone else wants me to do it – generating a short term
5. Imagine having successfully completed your task – visualise that moment in
6. – Where are you? What are you thinking, feeling, doing?
7. – Who are you with?
8. – Close your eyes and create as much of that moment as you can
9. – Build the emotion as intensely as possible NOW write your Whys
10. Then repeat the exercise imagining yourself having failed to complete your
11. Given the current uncertainty, it may be difficult to connect to a motivating
future BUT “This too shall pass” and where do you want to be when it has?

Other Quick Motivation Boosters:

• Do the hardest stuff first
• Take one small step – success breeds success
• Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good
• 5 minute Rule – you can do anything for 5 mins
• Power 1/2 hour – set the clock and go hell for leather for 30 mins – it’s
amazing how much you can get done
• Do something today that your future self will be proud of

If you need any more in-depth help, Nichola Schwarz is available in her online video sessions. Nichola Schwarz is a  Crisis Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and EFT Trainer