#FindYourStrength with Hannah Barrett’s Yoga App

Hannah Barrett has launched her debut yoga app ‘Hannah Barrett Yoga’. Hannah has a passion for helping people to find their inner strength in order to transform their lives through yoga, having experienced the powerful healing effects for herself when she suffered with extreme post-natal depression after the birth of her daughter. This new app has been carefully designed for adults of all ages / abilities and comes after much anticipation from Hannah’s loyal social media following of over 350,000.

Hannah found herself drawn to yoga in 2014 whilst pregnant with her son. Although she had always enjoyed exercise, she previously overlooked yoga, believing it wouldn’t give her a ‘real’ workout. She also felt she wasn’t spiritual enough to reap the benefits. Nonetheless, as soon as she started practicing it, she found herself returning to the mat time and time again, becoming hooked on the feelings of calm, clarity, and connection. This encouraged her to leave her stressful job in finance to  become a qualified yoga teacher.

Following a traumatic birth with her daughter in 2017, Hannah suffered with postnatal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Through specialised breathing techniques, meditation and the physical practice of yoga, she rediscovered a sense of strength in both body and mind. Impassioned, Hannah then undertook pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher training. She was determined to help other mums to reconnect with themselves and establish a routine where they could make time for self-love through the practice of yoga.

Today, Hannah has over 350,000 loyal followers on Instagram where she regularly posts yoga routines which are free to watch and easy to follow. Not simply an instructor, Hannah has created a community where women can take time out of the day to focus on themselves and their wellbeing.

After discovering the impact yoga and her platform was having on reducing her followers’ stress levels and increasing their strength in both body and mind, Hannah realised there was a need for her to launch a safe place where people could access more in-depth advice and flows. The Hannah Barrett Yoga app is divided into various categories depending on how your body is feeling:

  • Strength and Power: to build core and full-body strength in a fun and creative way
  • Stress and Anxiety: when you need to reconnect with the present and find calm
  • Morning and Evening: to help start your day on the right foot and to wind down before bed
  • Meditate & Breathe: a variety of guided meditations to anchor users in the present moment and create calm
  • Postnatal Yoga: designed for new mums to practice yoga safely
  • 28 Day Yoga For Life: to help create a daily yoga habit

Hannah Barrett comments:

‘Releasing this app is an absolute dream come true! I’ve created yoga classes which are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. I have such a passion for helping others to find the magic of yoga and the strength and calm it can bring into your life. When you think about being the healthiest version of yourself, it’s vital to focus on both the mind and body –  so alongside classes there are meditations and other ways to help you bring your yoga practice off the mat.

Yoga helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life following the traumatic birth of my daughter Amelie, so the postnatal section is something close to my heart which has exciting future plans. I truly hope the app will help not only other new mums but anyone who is struggling, has a passion for yoga, or fancies trying out something new!’

Hannah Barrett Yoga is available from £19.99, with a complimentary trial on iOS and Android devices. For more information visit: hannahbarrettyoga.com/app