Ecommerce and Customer Service Sectors Show Shift to Remote Work

The pandemic has changed the way many of us work, and it is likely that these changes will remain in place for quite some time. Despite Sunak’s warning that businesses who don’t return to their offices will face losing staff, many businesses are opting to work entirely remotely. Legal experts decided to explore the sectors that are adopting remote work for more jobs than others.


There have been proven benefits of working from home, including increased productivity, flexibility, and overhead financial savings – energy comparison site found that, on average, Brits saved £867 alone during the first three months of lockdown!


By analysing recent job postings on Indeed in the UK’s fastest growing sectors of 2021, can reveal the fastest growing sectors adapting to WFH the most!


Rank Job Sector Percentage of recent job listings that are remote
1. I.T. 40.09%
2. Social Media/Digital Marketing 32.32%
3. Content Creation 31.83%
4. Finance 19.96%
5. Engineering 16.13%
6. Customer Service 10.36%
7. Healthcare 8.59%
8. Real Estate 5.81%
9. Construction 2.96%
10. Ecommerce 1.67% found that the I.T. sector has the highest percentage of current job listings that are either remote-only, or temporarily remote, at 40.09%! Some leading careers in this sector with the ability to work from home include Data Analyst and SEO Specialist.


Creative industries are also making a large shift to remote working, with Social Media/Digital Marketing placing second, with 32.32% of current openings listed as remote!


Content Creation follows closely in third, at 31.83%. Work from home positions in these sectors include Marketing Officer and Journalist, respectively.


On the opposite end of the list, current positions in the Real Estate sector are third from the bottom, in eighth, at 5.81%. Top WFH jobs in this sector include Sales Negotiator and Property Surveyor.


Unsurprisingly, Construction jobs rank ninth, with only 2.96% of these positions being able to operate remotely. If you’re looking for a career in Construction, some top positions include Site Manager and General Labourer.


In 10th place is Ecommerce, with only 1.67% of current job listings stated as being remote. Top careers in this sector include Online Sales Assistant and Supply Chain Associate.