Co-working Workspaces

If working at home is not an option for you because you simply do not have the space or your living arrangements mean you do not have the right environment to work in,  you might want to consider co-working options.

So many co-working space companies have sprung up over recent years meaning having the benefits of office working like seeing real people every day, social interactions at the coffee machine and generally having a more structured day as it involves some sort of commute. Make it work for you, look at what local options are available if you don’t want to commute far. There are so many more rural working co-working spaces appearing that it could be possible even if you live in the country.

Companies who have down-sized their offices might find co-working spaces useful for meetings and bringing staff together as they can rent rooms and desks by the day making it so much more cost effective than renting space.

Check out these companies we’ve found: